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Firehouse Chef Dewey: Request from a favorite firehouse this morning

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Request from a favorite firehouse this morning

One of my brothers called and asked for my green chili chicken enchalad casserole and NM cole slaw...

2-cans of cream of chicken soup
1-can of cream of celery soup
Half n half or heavy cream
1 rotisserie chicken get 2 if you want a lot of chicken
Kraft 3 Mexican shredded cheese
4-5 cans of diced green chile
2 packages of flour tortillas
3 tablespoons of albkurky green chile rub
Mix the soups and 2 cans of half and half and green chile and the green chile rub.

Debone and shred the chicken take off the skin,

Add some soup mix in bottom of 9x13 or larger lasagna pan
Add a layer of tortillas cover with soup mix chicken cheese start new layer of tortilla,soup mix chicken cheese cover with tortilla. Add remaining soup mix over the top add the rest of cheese

Bake for 40-45 min at 350 or the soup bubbles up sides and the cheese is brown and melted.

And my nm cole slaw that goes nice with it

Bag of coke slaw mix
Juice of 5-10 limes microwave for min to min 30 before you cut and squeeze triples the amount of juice you get
Add albkurky green chile rub to taste.
Cilantro diced up
1/4 cup of olive oil
2 cans green chile or a diced up roasted jalapeƱo or whatever pepper u like
Make early and let it gel in fridge all day to soften cabbage mix and permeate all the cabbage.

Just made my day that they called to ask me one of my recipes....Thanks Brothers!!!!


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