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Firehouse Chef Dewey

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Kitchenaid Mixer....and inspiration from my friend at Sold Gold Eats...Thanks Sara

After reading my friends blog this morning of how much she would love a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, it sparked some of the exact feelings I had while trying to bake during the recent Kicked Up Sandwich Campaign I recently finished for Emeril, I had a small hand mixer that it works but not like a stand mixer, I have one at the firehouse so I know how much better life is with one, but I know right now in my life financially I can't afford to make the investment in a Brand spanking new KitchenAid Stand Mixer, as much as I really would like too... I have 3 small children all in school, looking at school tuition, and upcoming tuition so my wife can follow her dream of becoming a paramedic, bills, etc..just not possible.

Just so happened to be watching TV at the firehouse between calls and I happened to catch an episode of Barter Kings, I'm a fan of the Shows like this, Pawn Stars, Storage wars, etc...If my channel isn't on the Food Network, Its on shows like this or the Tattoo Shows, I'm a huge fan of Ink...have a bunch and want more...lol again...the almighty $$$$...sacrifice for the family and by no means am I upset...I love my wife and kids tremendously, I work 2 FT Jobs to try and make ends meet and its still difficult to do....

So after watching the show, I started a search on Craigslist for a Kitchenaid Mixer in the Barter section and behold I find one....only draw back is it was for the mixer only, and no attachments, it came with a bowl, and the bowl attachment with a ramp for adding ingredients...so I emailed the ad, and I got a response, I agreed that I understood that it came with no paddle, hook, or whisk another hurdle but I would have the heart and soul....of my stand mixer. I had something he wanted he had something I wanted and we met to trade...

I see the stand mixer, its an older model the k-45, its seen its better days, but you can obviously tell this machine was well used, and I'm sure if the mixer itself could tell stories or share recipes, I'd fill a cookbook and some. The cord is an older cord aged, the paint in some areas of the mixer gone from the heavy use and the the bowl being put on and off the bowl itself had dings, or should I say Character. I was excited to get her home....now I had to get attachments another search on CL, nothing so...but by chance a friends said I bought the wrong paddle I opened it washed it, and didn't want to take it back....you can have it....so I couldn't wait to get it home and use it....

My first thing I made in it was Emeril's recipe for Chocolate wafers with a Peanut Butter Fudge, I started to assemble my ingredients went to put on the paddle and it wouldn't turn to lock into place....I started to panic....was the reason he traded it it it was broke....took a deep breath and and performed a little emergency TLC and she was fine, I cleaned the spring cleaned out some caked on flour and stuff from the spring which is a normal aged problem I'd guess and my paddle popped on and locked into place no problem....

I was smiling from ear to ear...I added my ingredients and started to make the dough and I was back on cloud 9, I finally after 20 years had my own Kitchenaid Stand mixer, she ain't pretty, but she works like a charm, I still need to get some replacement attachments for her, and maybe a new bowl....but I have one, It is a staple in the kitchen, I constantly have been using when I'm home, and my wife uses. So for now my dream Professional 600™ Series | Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer | Flour Power™ Rating - 14 Cup will have to wait...I hopefully can find the replacement attachments....and give my K-45 a few more years of love....

Monday, October 22, 2012

#Serious Sandwich Chocolate wafers with Peanut Butter Fudge....well and some Puppy Chow!!!

Ok..Ok I'm admitting defeat, I'm not a baker.....yet, I can stumble through it, and I keep trying cause sadly enough I like to bake, I'm just not that good at it....I try, I was all excited to try out my new Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, well...My new used standmixer...got it off Craigslist in a barter for something I haven't touched...as one of my fellow bloggers said....It was meant to be, after a little stumble had to clean and lube the spring it was gunked up from use, and this looks like it has been well used through the years, if the mixer could talk......but i got the paddle on and we were in business...I made the chocolate wafer dough! the kids helped....they had fun rolling it out between the wax paper....and got to help daddy....made there day! through itin the fridge for a few hours went for dinner at a friends house.....OMG so good My wife had made her lasagna, and my friends made a ham, scalloped potato's, green bean casserole, and Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Galumpkis)...I could have just eaten those sooo good, we got to take a few home, wish I could have been greedy and grabbed more...lol between the wife and I they were gone by bedtime....I'll have to get her recipe and post it one day...

So after dinner, we went back home and the kids and I made the PB fudge, and cut the cookies and this is where I think my problem started...I don't have any cookie cutters...Chocolate Chip cookies are the staple at home...My goal is to beef up my baking equipment this next year....Garage Sales here I come...lol.

We used a plastic cup, it worked pretty good but the issue started it started to stick the disc were hard to get off a couple tore...that's where I think I went to thin, lesson learned...they cooked easy and quick, then getting them off to cool is where we had a few more casualties....no biggie made 8 total sandwiches....

OK, so know I have a decent amount of wafer dough left, and peanut butter fudge left what to do.....so I  cooked the dough crumbled it in a bowl, added the PB fudge, Mixed it up and made small balls then added powdered sugar and made my own version of puppy chow....and that was sooo good so not a complete disaster....Kids were happy they have not one type of treat they have two....and the puppy chow is daddy's weakness.....So...not a bad mistake after all...just keep trying!

Well this is my Final post on Emeril's new cookbook Stacked with Flavor Kicked-up Sandwiches, I can truly say, my cook book in a months time looks like its been through war....I've made notes in it , my favs, things to try, Its an absolute must have for any sandwich fan, and for my Firehouse cooks, its great cause its allot of great recipes that appeal to everyone, and its great to be able to pick and choose a change up, for your meal rotation as we all know guys in the firehouse, that's one of the biggest dilemmas in the firehouse the menu for lunch and dinner..

I'd also like to thank my fellow Bloggers, you guys have made this so much fun, I've learned so much about food, and blogging, and just everything, you guys are amazing and I can say so warm friendly and caring I know Ive made some great friends that I will keep for years..so Thank You!!!

Aly, I want to thank you for all your help, you have been a huge help with everything answering all my questions, helping me with the blog and my future with that and some other projects, You and Sunny are definitely the people who made me realize dreams aren't difficult to meet if you try. You guys have made it a reality so I can't thank you enough....BIG DEWEY HUGS!!!!!

To Tavia and Ashley and morrow cookbooks thank you for taking a chance on a new Food Blogger, I hope I met your expectations you guys have been great with feedback and support, I loved this project, you guys answered all our questions made suggestions, I was amazed at the response with questions from Emeril's kitchen team...by the way they rock as well...You guys put together an amazing cookbook.....

Emeril, I have been a huge fan I can remember watching you with my dad, and then by myself, I always wanted to be like you in the kitchen, if it was for my first love the fire dept. I would have been a chef, but the firehouse has given me the ability to do both and you have been one of my biggest influences, when you did the firehouse cook off on your show, that's when I knew that cooking for me wasn't just making dinner it was about my love of food, and making people happy with my food. So thank you! This is an opportunity that will forever be in my heart and one that I'm extremely proud of.

So with that being said go get this cookbook, you don't know what your missing.....

Saturday, October 20, 2012

#SeriousSandwich A light dinner with a Grilled Caprese Sandwich

Ok, I decided to make the Sandwich Caprese found on Pg. 169, and I added my twist to it, and oh my! I think I died and went to heaven I love caprese, My brother-in-law Larry turned me on to them when I first married my wife Misse, he would make them as an appetizer and its been one of my favorite things when we go there for dinner. The fresh mozzarella, basil, tomato, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper I could make a dinner out of it, usually ate way too much. So when I got the book and saw the sandwich caprese I knew it was a sandwich I'd enjoy, but I took Emeril's challenge to make it my own and I did, I made a pesto spread with Basil, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar Glaze, Romano cheese and it was amazing and made the tomato, mozzarella pop! I made them and one of my fellow firefighters tried it, and I think he finished the sandwich in 4 bites and quickly had a 2nd one, It was amazing I also made it with a Grilled Garlic Toast and used Emerils Garlic Parmesan essence for bread.

I knew I would like this as caprese is a favorite of mine, but never thought I'd love it...I can honestly say that this new Emeril's Stacked with Flavor Kicked-Up Sandwiches Cookbook, is one of my favorites and I have a 50-60 different cookbooks plus, that I like but this book is the full monty, Like Ive said gives you multiple options, and there is literally multiple sandwiches for all tastes,  with the cook along I forced myself to try new things, and sandwiches I would never have ordered, and I can honestly say Its opened my palette to a whole new level,  Don't forget to check out Emerils website or theSecret Ingredient blog to follow the 20 other bloggers cooking along with Emeril trying and sharing their experiences. I for one have had an absolute great time making the different recipes.

Remember the book is now available and I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys to cook, or if you love sandwiches, your going to love this book...I promise. Make sure you follow the other bloggers  for a chance to win a copy of Emerils new Cookbook.

#SeriousSandwich Heeeeyy!! Were making Philly Cheesesteaks...Boom!

 Today were hitting Philly! Made some Philly Cheesesteak, Had a taste for it so I made it at the firehouse for lunch today, had one of my friends that I went to the Fire Academy with stop by for lunch, Chris is an up and comer in the Bass Fishing world, he brought me some fire Patches for a friend of mine I'm trying to bring some happiness too who recently lost there Son, after 69 day here on earth so Thanks for the Patches brother..

I decided to make Philly Cheesesteak, I used a regular Sharp cheddar and provolone I wanted some cheese whiz but they were out at  the store and all they had was a cheap brand Ive never heard of nor wanted to give a chance it didn't look that appetizing in the jar...as you can see I sautéed the veggies, steak, i cooked it down until all the liquid cooked away.I used a fresh loaf of Italian bread from the bakery it was still hot when I grabbed it off the shelf.

I've always wanted to go to Philly just to try a famous Cheesesteak from Luke's, but I've always made my own. Ive watch and learned over the years and I make a pretty good PCS, So I made this with the Kicked-Up version from Emeril's new Stacked with Flavor Kicked-Up Sandwiches cookbook. I know I keep saying this but I love this cookbook, it so full all kinds of different recipes some old, some new some with a kicked up twist on traditional. SO what are you waiting for...yeah You!! Go buy it you won't be disappointed.

I got to recently ask Emeril any question so here's the question I asked...

 If you could pick one moment in your career what it is the most meaningful and memorable? 

Cooking with Julia Child on my show, Emeril Live. Julia was a real mentor to me, and having her on my show was absolutely amazing.

Thanks Chef for taking to time to answer, I think its amazing that as a blogger That Emeril took the time to answer out questions...

Friday, October 19, 2012

#SeriousSandwich The Cuban Sandwich Crisis invades the Firehouse

Today was kind of a glum day, they weather was blah, cold and rainy and my guys made my favorite sandwich in the whole world "The Cuban" sometimes food can make a blah day better, and let me tell you it did exactly that. A spicy rubbed pork roast with cumin, salt pepper and garlic, along with a sprinkle of essence and on the rotisserie on the gas grill it went, after it cooked through the sandwiches were assembled with some Cuban love, on of my good friends was working today and decided to cook, Im happy as Dan is part cuban and this is a specialty and makes one of the best Cuban Sandwiches I've ever tasted, so its always a treat to walk into the kitchen our and see him making these delights..

For those that aren't familiar with the Cuban the recipe is in Emerils new Sandwich cookbook Stacked with flavor Kicked-UP Sandwiches on Page 129. The Cuban sometimes called a cubano, is a Latin variation on a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. It was brought to the United States by Cuban immigrants who settled in Florida. This undeniably delicious sandwich is grilled and made with ham, pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and Cuban bread. The essential ingredient is the roasted pork.

This sandwich is packed full with amazing flavor, and is quite easy to make. You'll enjoy it hot and even cold, I jokingly said if I ever had to pick a final meal this would be part of it... Make sure you pick up the new cookbook its amazing and full of fabulous recipes of all kinds of sandwiches, breads, condiments, sauces. Order yours today...Check out Emeril's website, its being published by Morrow Cookbooks. Ive spent the last month cooking along with 20 other food bloggers and Ive been thrilled and honored to be included in this project as Ive made some amazing friends, got to learn so much from the book, and from the other bloggers.

Remember to tune in and watch Sunny Anderson's new show on Food Network "Homemade in America" October 27th @ 8:30am Chicago Time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

#SeriousSandwich Stacked with Flavor KICKED-UP Sandwiches is now available

I want to start off by Thanking Morrow Cookbooks, and Chef Emeril for this amazing opportunity, I am a new Food Blogger and I wan't to say this has been an amazing experience, and I can honestly say I've made some new friends and mentors with this Cook along I never dreamed of doing anything like this before, but I can honestly say I owe it to Sunny Anderson and Aly from Cooking in Stilettos they both have shown me dreams do come true. I can't even begin to show how grateful I am.

I'm a Firefighter/Paramedic by trade and I've always curbed my culinary drive, by cooking in the firehouse my entire career, I'm not saying I'm the best, I'm just saying I love to cook. My drive is to make people happy with the foods I make and I can truly say I've been blessed through my career doing that.

This cookbook is one that is a cookbook you will be able to add to your regular rotation of cookbooks. Its so fun and packed full of great ideas. In this book you can make breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert, you can make the bread, the mayo, the different additions to the sandwiches, Yes..Emeril has given you all the recipes to do that in this book its an amazing book. I keep finding things every time I open the book. I've had it for a month and have made a bunch of recipes, I have blogged about some, and I still haven't scratched the surface yet...I love sandwiches and this book is perfect for the sandwich fan...

I have been introduced to sandwiches I've never tried..Like Red Velvet Whoopie Pies...what are those?? I thought they were easy to make, looked good, and now..I have a new found love of whoopie pies...and so do my kids.. I made them at bedtime before shift recently, I left for work before they got up, but according to my wife...the kitchen was whoopie pie'd and she could have done Kitchen CSI...the kids found them  I have a 3 yr old, 4 yr old, and a 6 yr old so as you can imagine they loved them...

I've found old favorites with new and amazing twists, and its challenged me to kick up or put my twist on some of the sandwiches, something Emeril encourages you to do through out the book.

I have made some of these sandwiches at the firehouse, and some at home, and they were always a hit, my favorite so far was the Grilled Spinach Artichoke Dip Sandwich...AMAZING!!!!

So I highly recommend you get this book I promise you won't be disappointed.

Egg Salad Supreme

Eggplant Muffuletta

Sopressata and Genoa Salami Calzones
Order your book now!!!

Thanks Again Chef Emeril I have always been a big fan, and I was on Cloud 9 when I got picked, this whole experience has been an absolute blast. Thank You to Tavia and Ashley from Morrow Cookbooks, and to your Team..A job well done!!!! BAM!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

#SeriousSandwich Type of day Breakfast Burgers for Brunch, and New Mexico Pulled Pork Sandwich with an avocado green chile crema

Breakfast Burger to start the shift well Brunch by the time I actually got to finish and eat...

Well here is the next sandwich we tried in the Emeril Cook-along with Emeril 's new Kicked up Cookbook available October 16th. I can honestly say this has become one of my favorites cookbooks, one of the things I love about this book, is the variety and the ability to make these sandwiches and gives you numerous ways to change up each of the sandwich, how to make your own bread, sauces and dressings..etc. Its been a great help for changing up lunch at the firehouse giving new life to the Kitchen table at the firehouse in a great way.....

The breakfast budget is basically a fresh breakfast sandwich with a different twist on the normal breakfast, and breakfast sandwich....a meal on a bun... 

I added egg to mine, and I used a Mango coconut pepper sauce for a little sweet kick and it completely went over the top on this sandwich, I can't give you the complete recipe for this sandwich you'll have to order the cookbook for that but I promise if you get this book your not going to be disappointed.

This sandwich was a filling sandwich for brunch, my only issue was that we kept catching calls and it took me a lot longer to finish it and get it on the table....but it was great anyway this is better then any fast food breakfast sandwich.

While making breakfast I started dinner, I made a a favorite of mine from New Mexico Carne Ardovada a pork roast cooked in Red Chiles from Hatch, New Mexico, onion and potato. I cut up a potato and a sweet onion and put in the bottom of the crockpot and then added the pork roast, I covered it in Albukurky BBQ Rub. and then mixed a 1/2 cup of Red Chile Powder with a small box container of Chicken stock, I whisked it together and poured over the roast turned the crockpot on low and waited for dinner.

After 6 hrs on low, not only did the firehouse smell great the roast shredded easily and I made the sandwiches. I used Bollio Rolls, I sliced them buttered and gilled them. and set them aside while I made the Crema.

1 small container of Mexican crema
1 avacado 
1 green chile
juice and zest of a lime
1 bunch of cilantro
salt and pepper

I added the Crema,avocado, green chile, lime juice and zest and a cilantro bunch, salt and pepper into the food processor and blended until smooth and creamy.

Then I built the sandwich:

Took the grilled bread
added some queso fresco crumbled mexican cheese
topped it with the shredded pork and potato
topped it with the Avacado/green chile crema
Added the Top and served

Photo by Lt. Matt Propp BCFD
Wow, what amazing tasting sandwich brings me back to Home in Albuquerque, NM.  this week is the Annual International Balloon Fiesta and I'm feeling a little homesick...so whats the next best thing comfort food from home with a twist I saw the avocado Crema after watching Jeff Mauro on Food Network and he made the Sloppy Jose and I thought the sauce would be great on this favorite of mine and I was right everyone loved it. It enhanced the flavor a 1000X's. And I'll always add this and think I may add it to other favorites I liked the Avacado/Green Chile Crema that much..I'll want to keep it on hand yummy..... 

Don't forget to get your copy of Emeril's Kicked-Up Sandwiches this week.