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Firehouse Chef Dewey: AlbuKirky Seasonings

Friday, September 21, 2012

AlbuKirky Seasonings

Hey Everyone,

Being that I lived in Albuquerque for a few years, I love.....SW cuisine and I cook alot of it and few months back I stumbled off Facebook AlbuKirky Seasonings I have to say Its amazing!!!! Ive basically use it for everything from BBQ to everyday seasoning, living in Chicago until recently I have had to sparingly use my NM Green Chile for dishes, or I reverted to using the small cans that I can buy here...but its still nothing like fresh or frozen  HatchNM green chile.....So in the past I always had to bribe family and friends to ship me my contraband...I.E Red and Green chili...one of my best friends Mike goes back to Rio Rancho to visit friends a few times a year and I get stuff then...Ive been using alot of red and green powder which has been awesome....I get the flavor and heat I want...

But Back to AlbuKirky Seasonings....I won a gift pack on a FB Giveaway the that AlbuKirky does, I have to say Kirk the owner amazing guy...Avid BBQ/Foodie and has created this magical goodness and bottled it up. He has a line of BBQ Sauce, and rubs....All amazing!!!

This is the Spice I use in my Buffalo Chicken lasagna the green Chili Rub and the BBQ Rub, I know your thinking why a BBQ rub....Buffalo Wings...BBQ goes hand in hand and actually gave it an even better flavor profile than before, I started out using Emeril's essence and its awesome but This created a sw flare to my BCL.

I highly Recommend it!!!!!!!

Here is the information to order it





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