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Firehouse Chef Dewey: I'm Lucky to not only love to cook, but I work with some of the greatest Cook/chefs in the firehouse..

Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm Lucky to not only love to cook, but I work with some of the greatest Cook/chefs in the firehouse..

I'm extremely blessed and lucky to not only love to cook, but I'm surrounded by other firefighters who ahare my passion for cooking, I started the #SeriousSandwich cook along with Emeril's new cookbook Kicked Up Sandwiches I sat down the last couple days and drooled over all the Sandwiches the book has to offer, made some notes to which ones to try first, second etc....tying them to a soup I make, My first Favorite is a Cuban, I saw that and knew we had to try it...All I can say is Delicious, its a simple yet extremely flavor complexity that is like magic on your pallette.

I learned something when I filmed with Sunny Anderson, she talked about mind making a recipe, and I have been doing that and thinking about flavors, and textures, and ingredients, and how this ingredient wll play off that ingredient and so on and so on....I was dead on with the Cuban....I love the simpleness the different texture, the burst of the different flavors....Simply amazing....Living in Chicago were knownfor our sandwiches, and with The Famous Italian Beef,  The meatball sandwich, combos. Italian Sausage, The different Subs, The Italian Breaded steak....The cuban by far is my favorite....

I work with some amazing cooks/chefs in the firehouses each bring something to the kitchen Ive learned so much from alot of them, Its an honor an pleasure to work, cook, and eat with guys who I canm truly call my brothers, I have had some of the most amazing meals in a firehouse that I know would easily compare to any professional chef, The Kitchen for us is the staple of our day, we live around the Kitchen cooking, laughing, telling stories....brings back memories of my dad in the firehouse doing the same things, it makes me feel like I made the right call following in my dads foot steps....

I still have days where I walk into the firehouse and the smell of the firehouse triggers some awesome memories of being in the firehouse as a little kid, the diesel smell of the appartus, food cooking....smell of smoked up fire gear....and I revert to being 5 for just a minute and I'm reminded easily of why I do this....I love every part of my job.....and Like I said i have the best of both worlds I help people and I make people happy...in more ways than one...I'm no hero, I'm following my calling...

This Morning the 8th grade class at our Catholic school made us breakfast and had a service in the honor of our fire and police, they started doing this after 9-11, and every year its an amazing service the kids do, you listen to there poems, and thoughts about what we mean to them, and then after they make us breakfast.....Thank You to the St. Cyprians School....You guys are amazing and it was really good the service, and the food.....Outstanding job!


At October 18, 2012 at 12:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a lucky crew :) I'm sure you feel lucky to have them too. You all should make a cookbook with your recipes!!


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